Goodbye Christmas 

Meeeeeh goodbye Christmas you were lovely. Now the only thing I hate about Christmas is all the work to set everything up and then tearing it down…. if only it could be easier. Well HAAAAAH …. @thecontainerstore came in clutch yet again. Never have I ever set up and torn down so quickly. Record speed I felt like the flash we took this stuff down so quickly. With containers for all your ornaments, bags for wreaths, a roll for lights, and airtight containers to house them. Not only will you keep everything organized and safe but it will make tear down and set up a breeze.

Spice up your life with The Container Store 

con·tain·er store
/kənˈtānər/ /stôr/

Getting organized is a sign of self-respect. 

Keeping your space clean, neat and organized does wonders aesthetically but also mentally. We have always been fairly organized, however with all this goodness from container store. It has made such a difference in literally everything. Our spice cabinet and pantry was ok but when you look at it now, It easy to find everything you need in a heartbeat. Now cooking constantly, or going to the pantry is a joy. Not only that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Fuzzy Goodness 

Well Koolaburra has swung for the fences and they are killing it with their boots and warm fuzzy offerings. From slippers to winter weather ready boots Koolaburra literally has something for the whole family to keep those toesis warm in the cold.

I am wearing the Men’s Bordon in black,  crafted with soft suede upper and lined in cozy wool and faux fur, this slip on delivers versatile indoor/outdoor wearability with a lightweight EVA sole. Making it perfect for around the house wear or a lazy afternoon.

The little one is rocking her oh so cushy. Which now that she loves them so much she never wants to take them off. On the rare occasion she decides to wear a different shoe she brings these in the car with her so she can swap out to comfort in a moment’s notice. Crafted from faux fur, this cozy sandal is grounded in a durable indoor/outdoor sole that’s equally poised to tackle all the errands of her jet setting ways.

Who doesn’t love a comfy slide? Pair that with a cozy world and faux fur liner and you have an every day shoe that is perfect for around the house and or around the town with a hint of chic. Mommy is rocking the black Fuzz-ee, and ready to tackle life’s adventures. Fuzz-ee offers same undeniably plush comfort of the classic slipper yet provides the freedom to stroll beyond the house with a street-ready, sawtooth sole. Covered in foot-cradling faux fur, this adjustable slide sandal is finished with a buckle for easy on and off.


As the temperatures get oh so frigid in sunny Southern California the time is now to start bundling up in the warm weather gear. One of the most important aspects of braving the cold is protecting your feet. While we haven’t hit the the snow yet we have had some adventures like checking out the all the lights during this Christmas season. Hanging out on the marina it was a cool 50 degrees and while we didn’t come that prepared the warmth of the Koolaburra Rostin Short(grey) and the Imree Moto (white) helped keep my feet nice and warm.

The Rostin Short contains a Faux Fur lining with a sheepskin scokliner these boot is crafted for whatever the weather can throw at you. Crafted with waterproof suede, a waterproof membrane, gusseted zipper/tongue, and rubber outsole.

The Imree Moto for Women is a stylish weather boot that merges style and comfort. Much like the Rostin this is ready for duty despite its sleek silhouett. Winterized warmth with waterproof suede, a waterproof membrane, gusseted zipper/tongue, faux fur lining, and sheepskin sockliner. No matter where you end up the Imree Moto is ready for battle.



Give the Joy of the Holidays 

Let’s get some housecleaning out of the way this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Candlewick Press

It is said that books are uniquely portable magic. I cannot agree more. Having fun bringing the words of the page to life for my kiddo at night time and seeing her eyes light up with every passing word. You can see the true joy of of what a good book brings.

BabbleBoxx does it again by bringing an amazing curated box with three amazing books that help bring the Christmas spirit to life. Hanukkah Magic is about  the magical take on the way Jewish families came to give and receive gifts for Hanukkah, just as their Christian neighbors do at Christmas, thanks to a loving spirit named Nate Gadol working behind the scenes he makes the holiday spirit shine bright with magic of giving and sharing.

Pick a Pine Tree shows the magic of pulling out all the decorations. Picking a tree dressing it in tensile and ornaments and boom the magic of flicking on the lights. Kennedy loved it as we read it right before decorating our tree. Making her more enthusiastic then ever to crack open the storage bins. The funnest part is the book has a beautiful pop up Christmas tree at the end.

Finally our personal favorite Dasher– While Rudolph with his bright red nose might be the most famous reindeer of all this book depicts the joyous love of Dasher. She has a wish in her heart but she spends her time in a traveling circus with her family under the hot desert sun. She wishes she could be under the watchful eye of the North Star with snow kicking under her hooves. She decides to seize her opportunity and meets a nice sweet man in a red suit. The rest is history as the origin of Santa and his original reindeer come to life.

Whether you want to gift the magic of Christmas or adventure through the magic of Christmas through every page. These are the perfect gifts for stocking stuffers little ones in the family or a tradition to add to your Merry Christmas story time routines.

Unboxing the BabbleBoxx 

Let’s get some housekeeping out of the way. Babbleboxx has sponsored yet another box for your enjoyment. This time it is a gift giving box for the men in your life.

Kind of stumped for Christmas? Well do not fret, Babbleboxx has saved yet another holiday. They have curated the perfect culmination of gifts for the people you like in your life. From iPhone accessories to gaming head phones this box is perfect for the tech and music lover in your life.

First up we have Vinyl Age: A guide to record collecting Now by Max Brzezinski and Carolina Soul from Black Dog and Leventhal.

This book is everything you need. With the growing trend of collecting vinyl, vinyl has made a return for audiophiles and music lovers alike. I personally love Vinyl for the gritty warm sound it provides giving more life and depth to the records. SO as everything the time for vinyl is coming back around. This book presents a comprehensive guide to record collecting. for music lovers, crate diggers, high end bidders and everyone in between. It is chockfull of images, graphs and salient tips insightful for beginners, readers and hard core collectors.

For the iPhone lovers Tanon Goods has produced some beautiful leather and custom goods for your pocket.

Some of the best fitting products and best leather products I have seen in a while. Snug for the device fits just like it should without impeding the use of the buttons and the best part you can customize each and every product with a monogram, giving it that extra special touch. Tanon has an always on deal where if you buy 2 products get 20% off buy 3 products get 30% off – Use code Christophe-10 for 10% off as well.

Zenni never fails. Known for producing high quality glasses at a great affordable price these are glasses for everyone. The pair I am rocking comes with Blokz lenses which block harmful UV and blue light to protect those little eye balls of yours from Digital eye strain, blurred vision and most importantly throwing off your circadian rhythm aka sleep patterns. These glasses are light weight have virtually no color distortion so perfect for gaming, the office and just around town. These glasses I am wearing are 2-in-1 with a chic magnetic seamless shade so you have sunnies and office glasses all in one chic package. You can upgrade any pair of Zenni frames can be upgraded with Blokz lenses starting at $16.95.


Tekneksavr is the best way to stay away from the chiropractor. With technology infiltrating and taking over our lives we are finding more neck strain from looking down at our devices incessantly. When using our phones and bending our necks can increase the weight of a 12 lb head to about 60 pounds. For every inch that head tilts forward the effective weight increases 100%. As you can imagine the muscles holding everything together are working at max capacity. Holding our necks like this causes neck pain, head aches, and can even cause spine damage. 1 in 5 individuals have neck pain due to cell phone use. Our kids are starting to use technology early on and this can affect normal spine development. So use the Tekneksavr to improve your neck posture, and avoid any expensive trips to the doctor.


Gaming headset from Turtle Beach. The Roccat Elo X Stereo gaming headset is more for your money. One of the best headsets on the market for game sound and mic performance. These head phones are compatible with a multitude of platforms, sound great, are lightweight and extremely comfortable for hours of wear, glasses friendly they are packed with every feature every gamer needs for just $49.99.

eBay does it again 

Cy·ber Mon·day
/ˌsībər ˈməndā,ˌsībər ˈməndē/

Cyber Monday, The one time a year people look forward to Monday mornings.

The day for deals is here and @Ebaynever disappoints. Do not miss these insane deals on Certified Refurbished brands. Like this Dewalt Hammer Drill Driver. For a whopping 52% off this item came in pristine, like-new condition with a full warranty, now I can be the crafty dad and start customizing this house bed like pro. The only thing left to do now is to learn how to be an electrician to wire up these lights…. One step at a time that is a project for another day…at least they are up.

The Cool has nothing on Koolaburra 

Koolaburra by Ugg is made for the modern family. Dedicated and focused on producing quality and value. They have all the comfort, warmth and cushiness you have come to love from the Ugg brand for an amazing value. From sandals and slippers to full on winter boots Koolaburra has something for the whole family. No matter what time of year or the weather there is a Koolaburra for every adventure. Our family is rocking a little bit of everything. We have our slippers for our days and nights in to lounge around the house. We have some snow boots for our snowboarding escapades and our regular classic boot for these torrential and frosty Southern California winters. Check the video and the links below to get the perfect boot for the whole family just in time for Christmas.




Scape the Jewels 



Let’s be real this subject can be a tad taboo. Whether you are hairy like sasquatch or a prepubescent; grooming is a good habit to uptake.  While hair removal is a personal preference studies have shown that grooming from head to toe  makes you look cleaner, younger more toned, better defined, more hygienic, boosts confidence, less sweat and can be aesthetically pleasing – to say… your wife.  Whatever your reasons @Manscaped is your one stop for head to toe grooming including those dirty fingernails you’re currently gripping your phone with (made you look). Whether above or below the waste the lawnmower 3.0 and their full line of products, will keep you looking and feeling your best and of course keep all those pesky smells away that arise from day to day activities. Why am I posting about this you may ask? One of my followers asked if I had tried it and wanted to know my thoughts – I hadn’t so I hit up the homies @Manscaped to see if they would let me take a set up for a spin. Well after months of rigorous testing I can say it works. It works quite well ask @KeyesToStyle. Whether you’re trimming your face, chest, ears, nose, nails or jingle bells – @Manscaped has the right package for you. By using code “KEYESCAPED” Get yourself 20%. 


Get Glammed up with Cool Maker 

Hot Dad [ Noun ] hawt-dad informal

A modern father figure with a fun and fearless approach to play time, dress up, and giving hilarious toy reviews.

See Also: Superhero, ATM, Salon Tester

A lot of you parents have asked me about the nail and hair salon I posted in my instagram stories a few weeks ago from @coolmaker . Well here it is; our full review of the Go Glam Nail Salon and the Hollywood Hair Hair Extensions . Ready just in time for Christmas. Your kids will love these kits to use their creative skills to create one of a kind nail designs creating amazing and quite usable extensions. Perfect for the Girl Dad who is a tester for all things glam for their daughters, and the moms who like to take part in some fun pampering. Use the link in below to get yours in time for Christmas and get ready for hours of nail painting and hair extension-ing. Swipe up in my stories for the link to the kits as well as the full review. I think you’ll love it. As always thank me later when you’re all dolled up in your go glam get up. Purchase toys here: