Organizing the ELFA Way 

Get rid of clutter and you just might find that it was blocking the door you have been looking for.

This whole process has been nerve wrecking yet, exciting and fun. As you need to make a huge mess in order to get everything in the right space. The way my life has been organized has been refreshing. Everything has a place, clean up Is easier, I sleep better, I can think clearer, and it just makes life freaking easy. No matter how big or small your space may be having the right tools not only makes the space larger but makes things more manageable. Just like these Elfa mesh drawers. We literally created double the space to contain all of our goodness for me and all the girls. Keeping things neat and tidy giving everything it’s proper space, and looking darn good might I add. Check out the blog to see the full video of how we started and how it is going. NO Container Store, NO organization. KNOW Container Store KNOW an organized life.

Adventure to the Aquarium 

In Hopes to keep the gang busy and not losing their mind, we took the kiddos to the Aquarium of the pacific. They recently opened for outdoor activities and we made a special trip so the kids could have some fun and blow off some steam. Check out the adventures.

On the Road again! 

We decided it was time to get out of the house and go for an adventure. So we contacted our friends at Mazda to take their CX-9 for a family road trip from Southern California all the way up to the coast of Oregon- to Canon Beach ( Think Goonies and Haystack Rock) and stopping at every place in between. Some 1600 miles later, we built memories that the girls will remember and enjoy forever, grown closer as a family, and figured out how to make the best of any situation. Where should we adventure to next?

222 Via Koron Newport Beach, Ca 

Would you live here? Tell me below in the comments.


4bd 4bath 4 Parking Spaces

Located on an 45′ wide lot only steps from the Bay and the Lido Isle Boardwalk you’ll find everything on your wishlist in this sophisticated space nestled in one of Newport Bay’s most desirable enclaves. Light, bright floorplan is built for entertaining and maximum convenience, offering upscale design features including vaulted wood beam ceilings, custom French white oak flooring in a herringbone pattern, and upgraded fixtures and finishes. Fabulous open kitchen with expansive seated center island plus butler’s pantry and formal dining room. Owner’s suite adjoins a spectacular rooftop deck with outdoor fireplace and features spa-like ensuite with free-standing tub. Exceptional walkability plus amenities including Lido Isle Yacht Club, tennis courts, bayfront parks, playground, clubhouse, and private beaches.

Single Family Residence | For Sale | 3653 SF | 3960 SF Lot | Built 1981 | 2 Stories | MLS# NP21016303 | Interior Features: High Ceilings , Granite Counters , Pantry | 2 Garage Spaces | 2 Parking Spaces

FOR SALE $4,750,000

The Remote learning survival guide! 

This post is in partnership with Sylvan Learning. 

It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.

Let’s be honest … School, especially these days, is vexing and sometimes challenging. Kids are dreaming, looking outside and reminiscing about the days of yesteryear, where they could run around, be free and live their best life. 

In some respects, having life turned upside down can affect confidence in your kids, as the school process has changed quite drastically. My high school physics teacher used to say, “Struggle builds character.” That has stuck with me all of my life. When you struggle and overcome, you’re a much richer and wiser person. With Sylvan Learning, the struggle becomes a mere bump in the road and they can help make your kiddos confident in their academic journey. With tutoring in all subjects in person and online, you can be assured that whatever struggle may arise from schooling, Sylvan has your back. Sylvan can help bring out the confidence in your child to make them wiser and more prepared to take on the world. 

So, if they want to, your kids can be the next generation’s doctors, scientists, car manufacturers or artists. No matter what they want to do, Sylvan will help provide the tools to make them a sheer success!

Now, to share my tips for weathering the hardships of remote learning. Once again, let’s be honest- do you really remember everything you learned in elementary school, middle school and high school? I am pretty smart but even still, sometimes I get a little confused, scratching my forehead, like, “What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is this?” Instead of driving myself crazy, I reach out to Sylvan to save the day. Sylvan Learning makes me look like the superhero dad I am. Have no fear, Super Dad on Duty is here!

Here are six ways to help you survive remote/hybrid learning without going totally grey!

Yes, OFTEN. This will actually help your kids focus and get their work done faster and truly comprehend the material better. Our children are meant to explore, so try taking them on a quick walk or scooter ride, if that’s your jam. You may be surprised how well they can focus after.

Let’s be honest, sometimes schoolwork can be overwhelming just like adult work. And really, who likes to ADULT anyways?!? Not me on most occasions! So, when there is a lot of work to be done and it just seems like too much, let it go for the day and come back tomorrow. Nothing is more important than your child’s mental wellbeing.

When did grade-school work become rocket science? I swear, some of the work these kids are asked to do I even find myself having to research for the answers. And on days when I have a lot to get done myself, I look to Sylvan Learning for help with the best teachers around. Easy for me and easy for the kiddos.

Healthy Food = Brain Food. So, hide the sugar for yourself and give them the healthy protein snacks. You can indulge in the bathroom or car later because that is your business! Giving them healthy snacks ensures they are getting all the nutrients they need for development and growth. I.e. Yogurt, popcorn, celery and almond butter, trail mix, oatmeal etc.

Everyone can benefit from being on a routine, but for children it is vital. Create a routine you can stick to weekly so that your child knows what you expect daily. Have them get ready each morning – that means not going to class in pjs. This may include you getting dressed as well (baby see, baby do!) Set up a time each week for extracurricular activities, whether that means going to the park on Tuesdays after school or Sylvan Learning every Monday and Wednesday. Create the routine and find a place to display the calendar so everyone is held accountable.

Don’t forget about you time. When you feel your best then you can be at your best, which is what our kids really need right now. So, take that bath that you keep thinking about, make a lunch date with a friend over Zoom or even take that afternoon 20-min nap. We all need to recharge, and it is ok to need to recharge often.

Now that you have your six ways to survive, you are ready to conquer the world right?!?! Dad on Duty here to save the day! Let me know how it goes in the comments.

Bread with a hint of Disney Magic  

Let's get some housekeeping out of the way BabbleBoxx has sponsored this post and curated another amazing box for your enjoyment. 


Now let's get to the good stuff if you do not know Oroweat bread from your local grocer then you must be hiding under a rock. You're missing some of the best bread the bread aisle has to offer. Now they have taken their craftsmanship and curated it just for the kiddos. With Oroweat’s new organic bread just for kids . The Disney Check is a quick and easy way for kids and families to identify nutritious choices in stores, live-events, online, on-air and all Walt Disney parks. All foods containing the Disney Check meet Disney's nutritional guidelines. So you can rest assured that what you're putting down your gullet is nutritious and wholesome. 

With a little help and magic from Oroweat Organic White Bread made with Whole Wheat featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse you now can get a fun and wholesome bread that your kids will love and most importantly eat. Showing their commitment to sustainable baking practices and giving your body the nutrients it needs by consuming wholesome food.   

Kennedy was so excited when we got our box she wanted to challenge me to a sandwich off. So she made her famous almond butter and jelly sandwich and Daddy made Ago-bread with toast. I must say when you taste the difference there is no going back. 


Goodbye Christmas 

Meeeeeh goodbye Christmas you were lovely. Now the only thing I hate about Christmas is all the work to set everything up and then tearing it down…. if only it could be easier. Well HAAAAAH …. @thecontainerstore came in clutch yet again. Never have I ever set up and torn down so quickly. Record speed I felt like the flash we took this stuff down so quickly. With containers for all your ornaments, bags for wreaths, a roll for lights, and airtight containers to house them. Not only will you keep everything organized and safe but it will make tear down and set up a breeze.

Spice up your life with The Container Store 

con·tain·er store
/kənˈtānər/ /stôr/

Getting organized is a sign of self-respect. 

Keeping your space clean, neat and organized does wonders aesthetically but also mentally. We have always been fairly organized, however with all this goodness from container store. It has made such a difference in literally everything. Our spice cabinet and pantry was ok but when you look at it now, It easy to find everything you need in a heartbeat. Now cooking constantly, or going to the pantry is a joy. Not only that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Fuzzy Goodness 

Well Koolaburra has swung for the fences and they are killing it with their boots and warm fuzzy offerings. From slippers to winter weather ready boots Koolaburra literally has something for the whole family to keep those toesis warm in the cold.

I am wearing the Men’s Bordon in black,  crafted with soft suede upper and lined in cozy wool and faux fur, this slip on delivers versatile indoor/outdoor wearability with a lightweight EVA sole. Making it perfect for around the house wear or a lazy afternoon.

The little one is rocking her oh so cushy. Which now that she loves them so much she never wants to take them off. On the rare occasion she decides to wear a different shoe she brings these in the car with her so she can swap out to comfort in a moment’s notice. Crafted from faux fur, this cozy sandal is grounded in a durable indoor/outdoor sole that’s equally poised to tackle all the errands of her jet setting ways.

Who doesn’t love a comfy slide? Pair that with a cozy world and faux fur liner and you have an every day shoe that is perfect for around the house and or around the town with a hint of chic. Mommy is rocking the black Fuzz-ee, and ready to tackle life’s adventures. Fuzz-ee offers same undeniably plush comfort of the classic slipper yet provides the freedom to stroll beyond the house with a street-ready, sawtooth sole. Covered in foot-cradling faux fur, this adjustable slide sandal is finished with a buckle for easy on and off.